Provider Resources
Providers may check the status of in-process claims via the AMM Claims Manager portal. Providers may also download EOB in this portal. Please create a new account or log in here.

For a full list of claims processing adjustment codes, click here.

List of Contracted Clearinghouses & Payer IDs

Claims Customer Service line: (888) 614-0846.

To play and/or download a recording of the Connect to Care Billing and Claims Training, click here.

Click here to download the CTC Billing and Claims Training slides.

See here for a list of Important Contacts.

Provider Bulletin: FQHC, RHC, THP Billing and Payment of COVID Vaccine Administration (07/08/2022)

The Connect to Care Provider Operations Manual includes general information including but not limited to covered services, billing instructions, and eligibility information.

For a list of Connect to Care Approved Procedure Codes, click here

Drug Formulary link here.